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Father Jim Williams Funeral

St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, 8134 Mesa Dr., Austin, TX 78759

Fr. Jim Williams, MSW, M.Div.

Fr. Jim Williams is a retired Episcopal priest now serving as Assisting Clergy at St. Matthew’s. Confirmed as an Episcopalian in 1979, he was ordained in 1988 after completing the Special Studies Program at the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest. Specializing in churches in transition, Fr. Jim served in five churches in the Austin area prior to retiring in 2004 (including as Associate Rector at St. Matthew’s, 1990 – 95). He has served as a consultant for seven other Austin Convocation churches in the past two decades.

In retirement he has expanded his long time interest in Christian spiritual disciplines and practice, especially the contemplative tradition. He is a practitioner of Centering Prayer and is open to exploring this pattern of prayer with individuals or groups at St. Matthews. He also leads visioning and goal setting retreats and workshops for church leaders and ministries.

A Master of Divinity graduate from Colgate Rochester Divinity School (1964) with a focus on civil rights and social justice, Fr. Jim was originally ordained American Baptist and served churches in New York state and Indiana. Moving back to Texas, he served in ecumenical inner city ministries in Houston and Austin in the late 1960’s and early ‘70’s. In addition he directed the five state VISTA regional training program in Austin, 1969-70.

After receiving a Masters in Social Work (UT, 1975) with a concentration in Community Organization and planning, he served on the staff of the Dean of Medicine at the University of Texas Medical School (1974-81), Galveston, where he facilitated a team that greatly increased the admission, retention and graduation of minority medical students over a seven year period.

Coming back to Austin in 1981, he was Program Officer for the Institute for Higher Education Management at the UT System level until 1985. He taught Community Organization as a Senior Lecturer at the UT Graduate School of Social Work, 1985-90. He also has served as a consultant for organization development and planned change in a number of churches in the Diocese of Texas and in various academic, health, and social service organizations from the late 1970’s through the 90’s.

Fr. Jim was born and raised near Beaumont, Texas, and graduated from Lamar University (1957) with a BA in English Literature. He is married to Barbara and they have three adult children.

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It's a Celebration Potluck!

Please join us following the service as we bid Mother Chris Kenney and Michele Bonner farewell and thank them for serving St. Peter's. All are invited to celebrate and join in the festivities.  

All are invited to celebrate and join in the festivities.  There is a sign-up sheet on the table in the Narthex with a list of suggested foods that are needed.  We look forward to seeing you at this celebration!

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Weekly Service

Pentecost (Season)

The season after Pentecost, according to the calendar of the church year (BCP, p. 32). It begins on the Monday following Pentecost, and continues through most of the summer and autumn. It may include as many as twenty-eight Sundays, depending on the date of Easter. This includes Trinity Sunday which is the First Sunday after Pentecost. The BCP provides proper collects and readings for the other Sundays of the season. These propers are numbered and designated for use on the Sundays which are closest to specific days in the monthly calendar, whether before or after. For example, Proper 3 is designated for use, if needed, on the Sunday closest to May 25. Proper 29 is designated for use on the Sunday closest to Nov. 23. Prior to the 1979 BCP, Sundays in this long period of the church year were identified and counted in terms of the number of Sundays after Trinity Sunday instead of the number of Sundays after Pentecost. This period is also understood by some as "ordinary time," a period of the church year not dedicated to a particular season or observance, as in the Roman Rite adapted after Vatican II. See Ordinary Time.

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Bishop Hector Monterroso

Please join us as we celebrate with Bishop Monterroso!

A native of Guatemala, the Rt. Rev. Hector Monterroso served as bishop of Costa Rica for 14 years before becoming an assistant bishop in the Diocese of Texas, July 1, 2017.
“I learned a lot in Costa Rica,” said the lifelong Episcopalian and former engineer.  “I learned to start new missions, I learned what God’s response means when we’re desperate, I learned to be patient and to wait for God’s answer, I learned to use everything that God has given me to serve in the best manner I can,” the Bishop said, adding, “at each transition in my life, I have learned that God will never let me down.”
Bishop Monterroso served as an acolyte as a child and was confirmed by Bishop Anselmo Carral (deceased), who previously served as assistant bishop in the Diocese of Texas. Bishop Monterroso earned a precision mechanics and industrial maintenance degree and worked for a rum company as the chief engineer while he attended seminary at night. He left the company to plant a new Episcopal community to the chagrin of his work colleagues and despite the offer of a bonus and raise in salary.
His father’s professional soccer career proved to be an opener for him in gathering people to a new worshipping community. “It was a difficult time for me because my training in the seminary did not include how to open new churches,” he said, but he inherited some of his father’s talent. He was an excellent soccer player. “People couldn’t believe that a priest could play soccer and I was invited to be a part of the city’s soccer team. I visited many small towns where the people came to learn that I was the priest
of the new church. Many young people came to the church to meet and to play on my soccer team. Eventually, we had our own soccer team sponsored by the Episcopal Church. It was good advertising,” he laughed.
In addition to his experience as a missionary, and as Bishop of Costa Rica, Bishop Monterroso also served as Secretary General of Province IX (1986-2000); as editor of the Revista Anglicanos for 16 years, a magazine that served the Hispanic diaspora in the Anglican Communion; and as Secretary General of the Anglican Church of the Central Region of America. During his tenure in Costa Rica, he secured its financial stability, increased the number of clergy from seven to 29, assured that most congregations were self-sustaining, and gained governmental recognition and support for many of the Diocese’s programs.
He was ordained as a deacon in 1986, a priest in 1987 in the Diocese of Guatemala and consecrated as the Bishop of Costa Rica on June 7, 2003. He and his wife, Sandra Cardona, have two grown children: María Beatriz, a medical doctor in Costa Rica, and Héctor Ramón, a civil engineer.
Bishop Monterroso’s addition to the diocesan staff will continue to strengthen the growth in both Hispanic congregations as well as new missional communities and church plants in the Diocese of Texas. He joins Diocesan Bishop Andy Doyle, and Bishops Suffragan Dena Harrison and Jeff Fisher to provide an episcopal presence in the Diocese’s more than 200 Episcopal faith communities: 154 congregations (three with second sites), 35 missional communities, 14 college ministries and numerous institutions.
Bishop Monterroso will visit 45 congregations during the year; primarily in the southern region of the Diocese of Texas; chair the board of St. Vincent’s House, a social service agency in Galveston; support growth of multicultural presence in all congregations and help to create a strategy for new ethnic church plants and missional communities. Additionally, Bishop Monterroso will work to identify vocational leaders within the Hispanic congregations.

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